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  • Welcome smile
    This section has been created so that you can review the features of IGCSE ICT online. Login as a teacher or a students and see how easy it is to deliver and administer your course!
  • This course is designed to prepare students for success in IGCSE Information and communication Technology. It is based on the CIE syllabus but may also be used in preparation for OCR and Edexcel examinations.

    ICT is an applied subject:

    40% - Knowledge and Understanding of basic computing concepts
    60% - Application of Practical skills

    The course is constructed so that each student develops a practical portfolio that embraces knowledge and understanding and applies concepts to real world applications.

    For further information please read:

    IGCSE ICT Course Specification
    IGCSE ICT Curriculum Content
  • Welcome to the CIE IGCSE Computer Studies Course

Welcome to IGCSE ICT Online - Simply the best way to learn
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